how to develop own website

Did you know that....

         According to Google, 95% of Mobile Device owners use them to search for local businesses. So, If you don't have a mobile website, then you're losing sales...

        And that only about 5% of small businesses have a mobile website?

       If you're a business such as a Plumber, HVAC Contractor, a Restaurant, Landscaper, Electrician or a Handyman, then you absolutely need a "thumb-friendly" mobile website. When people search for your service on their smartphone, they are ready to buy or to contact you. Don't miss out on mobile marketing!

Optimizing Your Website is...

     The easy cure for the "reverse pinch!" You know... where the thumb touches the index finger, then spread them apart in an attempt to view a website intended for a computer screen. Do your visitors suffer from this? Your website can easily be mobile-optimized! You can be up and running in a few days. You can get started right now. Best of all, when you make changes to your website, those changes are automatically made on your mobile website, too. Now there is no reason for visitors to strain to view your site on mobile devices.

Click Here to Check if Your Site is Optimized

Click to Call

     We found that an average of 18% of visitors to a mobile site will call when the website has a click-to-call button. For some websites, it's as high as 63%. Adding this simple feature to your mobile site can capture potential business that competing websites are missing. Reaching your audience is the first step, but making it simple for them to reach you is the key. This important feature can beadded to your mobile website.

Google Maps & Directions

     If it is important for a visitor to find you, the maps and directions option is perfect. Not only can this button pinpoint your business location, when it works in conjunction with GPS-enabled phones, your visitor can get from where they are to where you are with step-by-step directions.

Below are some site I designed....

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Design Packages

Site Re-Design

$ 199 

I will redesign your existing site using images from your existing site and/or new images provided by you. Up to 5 pages. Here are a couple Sites I done....

The One you're on of Course

C.J & A Services

K.C Folds Art - Not Active

Current Site
Francescos Ristorante Italiano

Redesigned Site
Francescos Ristorante Italiano

Mobile Site

$ 159 
I will use your existing site to design a mobile site that will be responsive to fit and look good across multiple devices and look similar ressemble it up to 5 pages, example look at the Colonial Eye Care above..

New WebSite

$ 399  
I will design a new website from your images and wording, that is completely Mobile Optimized for all device sizes up to 5 pages.

Site Hosting and Site UpDates

$ 5/mo.
2 Free Updates Per Month, Additional updates will be $5 per update. You will receive an invoice via email.

I will Host the site for easy Updating.